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Monday, 15 October 2007

Teletext Holidays

Maybe it was inevitable but the Teletext format as was known for many years is not employed by Teletext in their online presence. Even in 1996, there weren't many allusions to the television broadcast format aside from the heading which was the same as the actual logo on Teletext, an example of which is shown right, a Christmas themed version (note the animated GIF format, very popular in the mid 90s).

Here is an early warning to people that Teletext is to be phased out in favour of 'cooler', more up to date technology. From 1997, when not many people had access to the Internet.

Above is what Teletext predicted interactive TV to look like. Note the iconic still-pixellated logo which was used by the company at the time. Compare this to the modern website and its new logo, revamped for a post - teletext age:

There are obvious allusions to the web format rather than traditional teletext in the new version. I like the > arrow selection < idea which is a reference to pre-programmed television interfaces and video game selection screens. I am still not sure about the purple gradient background though and would take the old version over the current one.