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Monday, 15 October 2007

The Pixel is Power Microsite

Just a word about the Microsite. I am using it to test out various ideas with HTML and graphics as well as having a kind of hub for all the information collected in this project. The hope is that some ideas for an interactive interface that could be implemented in the final outcome may arise from this experimentation.

Currently, the site exhibits a Cebratext (poorly) edited version using a few experiments I did with the program. These are then screenprinted and saved as GIFs before being embedded in HTML format and hotspots added.

The current version is working fairly well and although there is limited interaction this is a mirror of the actual teletext format, in a way. There is no number input system yet though perhaps I could set something up via Javascript to create a number field to which users can input data and jump straight to the desired page (with the help of a guide, which may or may not be printed).

The first version was an attempt to render the teletext format (though not 100% faithful to the medium) in HTML. It starts to function though the links are outgrowing the page - maybe a second sub page here would be useful.

Perhaps the final outcome of the project in December would be a mixture of media with different interpretations of the information - Flash, HTML, leaflet, Word Document, PDF etc.

Edit: I have added a small drop down menu interface to navigate the pages. Maybe this could work alongside some kind of page guide, maybe printed or on-screen (or even both) to help users navigate pages easier. I will look to try out other methods within an Internet browser.

The Pixel is Power Microsite design one
The Pixel is Power Microsite design two (current)