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Friday, 19 October 2007

Action plan

A series of to-dos and stuff to be explored:
  1. Select information/images from blog to be presented. Convert into text format (traditional essay format?):
    1. Pixel artists. Jodi. Probst. Lektrolab.
    2. Teletext historical timeline. Invention. Initial implementation. 2012 switch off.
    3. Teletext and the internet/video games/other media. Connections between teletext's functionalities, aesthetical restrictions and other similar methods of presentation.
  2. Select a medium to convert the material to.
  3. Rewrite/format information for the selected presentation medium. For example, if it were teletext, cut it down into one or two sentence paragraphs and reword it to be precise in as short a way as possible.
  4. Work the aesthetic around this.
Raw text > Essay format > Proposed outcome format