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Monday, 8 October 2007

Project plan - a rough guide

A rough plan for the first part of the text elements for the 2000 words project. I will first produce the raw text in a word processed document and continue to work on visual templates. Once the templates are complete the text can be converted to that format.

Note: a teletext page - with a three block header and two block footer - can fit 80 words of body text in three line separated blocks of text.


  1. Brief intro - a few pages worth = 240-300 words.
  2. Pre-teletext [1950-1970]:
    > Video games - Coin op systems, home arcade consoles - 1960s, 1970s
    > ARPANET - Origins of the Internet - 1960s, 1970s
    > Viewdata - A bit about this - 1960s
  3. Teletext's Golden Era [1970-1990]:
    > Its impact and relationship with other technologies around this time.
    > Talk about formats and transmission methods. Eg. telephone (Viewdata), television (Teledata)
    > Formats that have died out during this time - popularity levels.
  4. Teletext and the Internet [1990-1999]:
    > Moving on to the first HTTP browser in the early 1990s
    > ASCII art - from teletext to net
  5. The beginning of the end of teletext [2000]:
    > The internet taking ttx's place as primary source of info.
    > Phasing out of the medium. Transition to Interactive TV.
  6. The teletext revival
    > How internet may prove to be teletext's saviour/help to generate interest in its final days.

There will inevitably be additions to this as I have not covered all topics in this post. Some important points to remember when writing:

  • Keep bringing the project back to teletext, how the point relates to the medium of teletext.
  • Relevance to pixel graphics. Make this predominant throughout.
  • Critically analyse works, including pixel art, teletext art etc.