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Monday, 1 October 2007

Teletext and the Internet revisited - part 2

The formatting of web pages into browsers is nothing new. This website by Tarmo Tanilsoo is a Javascript homage to the traditional teletext format. Even though the site is not content-heavy, the aesthetic and format are relevant and intuitive. The only real difference I can see is that it seems to be a lot quicker than 'real' teletext...

The pages are a series of GIFs created in an external editor, presumably Cebratext. The Java seems to be a small link applet which quickly loads pages into the cache.

It's a personal website with some appealing art (shown in the screenshots above). An integral part of this is conveying the weather in his home town in the form of graphs, images and maps.

Overall I really like this site. It's no-nonsense pure teletext homage, modified for the modern browser. Lots of inspiration I can take for my project - it's funny how 'outsider' teletext art is often the most impressive.

And finally...

Here is a website with links to teletext services around the world.

Here is another small piece of teletext art created by Tom Moody, made with Cebratext.