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Friday, 5 October 2007

Project planning

Project brief PDF

The next part of this project is to plan out the proposed format. This is to be around 2,000 words and could consist of:
  • A completed chapter/section in an essay style
  • A series of detailed text captions on your diagram
  • At least 4 case studies and compare/contrast examples.
In addition, a to-do list or series of references must be provided along with a bibliography. Format is to be discussed with tutors though if in doubt A4 essay format will suffice.

Some early ideas are to mimic the format used in the 1995 Teletext leaflet or to maybe do a website. For now though, it is probably best to stick to plain text, which can easily be re-contextualised as I see fit at any point. Plus, since it is necessary that all text must be word processed, it might be better to use this as a starting point and do the visual formatting later.

Finally, to the right is a section from a leaflet that caught my eye. Just thought I'd upload it - maybe I could format this into some sort of leaflet in the teletext style? The image of a remote control is certainly a relevant and important one.