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Monday, 8 October 2007

Teletext art and artists - essay plan

I think I need to include a section solely focused on teletext art and artists. Maybe this will be fractured, with the pages spread out across the whole of the system, or maybe I will choose to group them together under a single heading or section, say, pages 240-260. I am likely to go with the former, but here is a rough idea of what I want to include:
  • "Straight" teletext art
  • Teletext art with a 'message'
    • Rick Moody - TTX project
    • Jenny Holzer - outdoor installations
  • Glitch art
    • Jodi
    • Own images - from teletext
  • Commercial teletext art
    • Channel 4/Teletext
    • Corporate - BBC Ceefax
  • Pixel art
    • Eboy - general works
    • Cory Arcangel - landscape series
I will pass comment on each of these, analysing critically.