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Monday, 15 October 2007

A teletext questionnaire

Personally I am not a fan of questionnaires but I feel a survey would be a useful part of this project. This could take the form of a paper-based or online-based series of questions. I would prefer to leave these open ended, on the whole, as I would like to get to some opinions on the subject. Obviously to format for pie charts, graphs etc. I would have to manually place these in categories but I am not so bothered about this.

Possible questions
  • Do you still use teletext? If so, what for?
  • Do you use interactive TV?
  • Which do you prefer and why?
  • Would you say you use the Internet more often than teletext/interactive TV?
  • Have you ever had anything published on teletext?
  • Would you be sad to see analogue teletext gone?
  • Any other comments etc.

Online questionnaire

I have set up an online questionnaire at the microsite. I will try and get as many people to complete it as possible and examine the results.

Results page (may contain tests and stupid/obscene answers, I can't find out how to moderate it, so be warned)