Welcome, teletext fanatics! I'll just leave this here...

Monday, 1 October 2007

ITV Teletext

Some pages from Teletext, ITV's resident teletext service. The top one is a rather cruddy advert typical of Teletext, a commercial service. Design wise, it is easy to see why people don't bother with teletext art - why bother with fancy art when you can just tell people with plain text? After all, there are only 15 seconds between each sub page so there isn't much time to take things in. However this advert is just awful - I think it's the lime green background - not to mention it being a trashy mobile phone game ad. Bleh.

The second screen is a full page dedicated to ITV's website, presumably the beginnings of the end of ITV's teletext service. The screens found from 600-700 on ITV have not changed for years and the content is the same as New Year's Day from about 2005! A notice of this can be found on the main page (600), a screenshot of which is the third image.