Welcome, teletext fanatics! I'll just leave this here...

Monday, 8 October 2007

A few unrelated items

On the continent, teletext has always been seen as the height of technology, even now. Europeans have embraced the format since its inception, even so far as employing it in hotel rooms (right). I would be really pleased to see a teletext greeting though to be honest I'd still take the towels. I wonder who designed this one? And if it comes up automatically when you first turn on the TV? I'll bet it works in a similar way to Pages from Ceefax.
A nice little piece of art, as well. I bet this was quite an expensive hotel...

Another piece of teletext art, this time a home made entry for the VBI Microtel competition. Just a striking piece of art that I liked - maybe it's the white and red on blue that makes it stand out. That's the artistic quality of the medium - the outdated sensibility and primary colour palette.

Finally, some people are a bit mad. The owner of this car decided he wanted to spruce it up a bit so added some vinyls to the side. Either this is a poor vinyl job or a bit of a Photoshop, either way it's a bit ugly. I wonder if this is German as well?