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Monday, 15 October 2007

Some ideas for projects

From today's research, some project ideas have arisen. Here they are compiled and written about briefly.
  • It would be good to see Tom Moody's teletext piece recontextualised. Maybe I could use the Cebra teletext editor to make a'pages from Ceefax' style broadcast complete with cheesy music and ticking clock thing. A test card would be a nice touch.
    • This could be extended to include my own work as well as some existing teletext pages. It could be a kind of rough animatic of random teletext pages of interest: maybe interwoven with some factual content pages.
  • People have already created teletext browsers for Windows/Mac OS. How about a computer browser for teletext? Akin to the Atari customised GUI, I would like to see this as a piece of art/experiment to see what bits work where. For example, how to get around the problem of a cursor, or how to represent pop up windows.
  • Teletext is already available for mobile phones. It would be the natural progression that it would perhaps have its own system or even be formatted for watches. At the least, I could make some kind of mobile teletext web interface in an attempt to keep teletext alive.
  • Teletext ...
    • In ASCII, on DVD, in fine art, on walls, in Lego, on post-it notes, on videprinters, on video game cartridges, on paper, in a book, in a magazine, on an arcade machine, on an oscilloscope.
Note that some of these are a bit fanciful but I'm just exploring some of the other ways teletext could be presented.