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Monday, 8 October 2007

More about Lektrolab

Lektrolab are a Dutch multimedia company. They often work with the Cebratext editor to create teletext art. They have a Flickr photostream, which they post their own and other peoples' submissions to. I have picked a selection of the best teletext art from.

Some of these I actually visualised as rough ideas for my own teletext system. I may decide to create my own versions of these or actually reproduce these as part of the overall HTML navigated piece.

The Google one in particular I have considered at least once: its simplicity lends itself to the teletext format. It looks a bit like what Google on a teletext phone might look... interesting transcending of mediums.

The Space Invaders piece was another idea, as was Pac Man and other video game icons. Perhaps these could be modern ones in 3D, like Super Mario or Donkey Kong, taken 'back in time' to their roots in early arcade games with pixellated graphics.

I will look to examine some of these submissions further and maybe consider using them in my final outcome, whatever it may be.