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Monday, 1 October 2007

A bit more on formats

Teletext is no stranger to re-contextualisation. In the last few years it has been ripped apart, bludgeoned, streamlined and fancified all in the name of progress. With the introduction of interactive TV, the traditional format is dying out. I'm not sure if HD supports the traditional teletext format, I have only seen pictures of it with interactive TV. However there are adverts for TVs that are labelled teletext: HD ready. If this is possible, it would be interesting to see the old teletext aesthetic on this new, ultra-modern medium, even if it is contrived.

Likewise, I would like to see traditional teletext on an iPod. I don't even know if this is possible but it would make for an interesting piece of contextual artwork, contrasting the old, almost defunct, with a new, thriving medium. Note that the image to the right is a mock-up of what teletext may look like. I don't know if iPods have internet browsers but if they do this is what teletext might be like.

Apple do provide a teletext widget for Macs:

Mac teletext viewer

It is definitely possible to get teletext on your mobile. The below images prove this:

This isn't just a text service - the image on the right shows someone using teletext on their mobile in the traditional format.