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Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Teletext - up to date for the 21st Century

Uploader's comment:
New ad campaign for Teletext: inspired. Standing for simplicity in an age of info, noise and overload is a great idea, and I love the football commentators... Also a nifty reworking of Trio's 1982 hit "Da Da Da"

Factor in the new look, very purple, website and this advert is in contrast to the 1975 one shown in the previous post and the differences in timespan are evident. Albeit embracing a different medium in presentation (TV advert, as opposed to an information leaflet), the focus here is on simplicity and getting across the bare facts in a world of sometimes too much information. The focus in the previous ad is on immediacy of information at a time that is convenient to the user. Whilst this is still an effective selling point of the modern teletext service it is evidently not a priority what with the Internet being the primary competition. This seems to be a factor which sees teletext survive today, albeit in its adapted, Digital TV format.

Meanwhile, this video concentrates on the use of a teletext service via the Internet as its primary use. It's in a foreign language but it the rough message is transmitted.