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Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Artist research - Carola Unterberger-Probst

Carola Unterberger-Probst
Artist's website
Wikipedia entry

Unterberger is an Austrian digital artist who has worked in many mediums, including teletext itself. Framed is a piece of pixel art created as recently as 2006. Perhaps this is evidence that, particularly on the continent, teletext thrives.

The piece is more likely an allusion to 'retro' art, a homage to 70's primitive digital technology, as hinted at on its info page:

"framed is a teletext art work and rediscovers something that is being torn apart from the topdown" -- Artist's website

This would at least show that the medium is still in the public consciousness, even if the popularity of it could be seen as waning.

PDF Version of 'Framed'

As well as imagery as shown in the picture to the right, the piece rotates through three frames and includes pieces of lyrical poetry. These, according to the artist herself, allude to teletext 'aesthetic, TV channels and TV culture'.

Framed page 2

This was an info page included with the main piece explaining it in the Teletext format itself. What is interesting about this websites reproduction of this format is the attempt to convert it to the web format. This could be something I may consider for my final website - perhaps an homage to the layout but adapted for the web.

In the 'art' section there are some scrambled screens that scrub through random generations of pixels and ASCII characters in much the same way as jodi's piece at text.jodi.org.