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Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Project directions

Based on research undertaken thus far, I have been considering more possible project directions.

> Teletext's role as a precursor to Interactive TV. Lessons learnt. Also - Interactive TVs debt to the Internet.
> Lost or forgotten elements of Teletext. Phone-in holidays, competitions, written correspondence etc. Has the Internet superseded these?
> Concentration on simplicity of content - look at artists that use minimal text/image to drive home their message, if there is one. Sparse forms of communication.
> How teletext may survive/develop - carried on by its successor- the Internet. Ceefax.tv. Also - interactive TV's role. Pay per view elements.
> Manipulation of the medium - eg. page 379 project, Moody. Use of teletext as an exponent for art. Strengths, weaknesses, case studies etc.