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Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Teletext and the Internet - C4 information services

Planet Sound - http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/thewow/teleindex.htm
The Mega-Zine - http://www.vegetablerevolution.com/
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Some elements of teletext become so popular that they make the transition from a large teletext 'community' to a credible Internet one. The above examples, all from Channel 4's Teletext service, developed a cult following on the teletext format and, with the traditional format's decline, the Internet serves to continue the 'legacy' they have left. In the case of Mega-Zine, it was taken from the broadcast before being 'brought back by popular demand' but only on the Digital format of the medium - Teletext Digital.

Planet Sound still exists, for now, but the inevitable rise of the Internet could see the web-based version of the service overtake the original, despite fervent interest from 'hard-core' traditionalists. It provides a music news service that is actually quite detailed for the format, even though the traditional method of condensing the info down into more 'managebale' chunks is still employed.

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