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Thursday, 3 May 2007

Digitally encoded Teletext

Been playing around with my analogue television reception (an aerial) on my computer via my TV card. This actually allows for some interesting extras not present in the original, traditional television broadcast. To start, there is less distortion, as the service simply shows as a black screen if the quality of reception is not clear enough. Screens from this service shown below.

In addition, this service seems to be more efficient than traditional teletext. By pressing left and right keys one can scroll through the pages at one's own leisure and the up and down keys highlight the three-digit codes on the screen to be selected. There is still the option of entering a three digit code using the keypad however. The user still have to wait for the pages to load, which is quite time consuming. There are also mix and hold options but I still haven't found the button to make the text larger.