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Sunday, 20 May 2007

Audio Switching and this weekend's Interactive TV

Interesting interview on today's Points of View with the BBC's head of interactive programming, Tom Williams. In it, users' comments on quality of viewing are passed on to Williams at which point he mentions that a new feature known as audio switching is in developement. This would be an addition to interactive TV which would allow users to select which audio stream they would like for this particular programme, much like selecting the language of subtitles (where available).

This feature is actually already present on some screenings. For example this weekend's FA cup final allowed for selection of regular commentary or the Five Live audio stream, commentary from the BBC's national sports radio station. In addition, after the game users could watch highlights all weekend by pressing the red button on their remote.

Williams mentioned people can give feedback at the Points of View website as to ideas and comments relating to the technology.

Enhanced Commentaries

As well as for the cup final, the BBC also offer a teletext/internet style service on the latest cricket score for the current Test match England vs West Indies. This is constantly updated and has pages much like the teletext pages which scroll through but is more advanced, providing latest photography and news of the event as it happens. Layered over the top is a live radio commentary stream.

Enhanced commentary

Teletext regular service

There's a bit more on the BBC's interactive TV services here. Image from here.