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Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Early advertising - Information at your fingertips

Just an interesting little information flyer from the early days of teletext, advertising a television receiver:

A few interesting and/or relevant observations:
The flyer states that to access the information, the user must first enter the number of the desired page, preceded by a 'p' button for 'page'. This seems to have died out since as it is rare today to see a teletext interface work this way. This could be said to be 'evolution', weeding out extra button presses in favour of ease and quickness of use.

"Teletext is transmitted through a regular 16 hour viewing day" - this is in contrast to today's 24-hour broadcasts of the service. Maybe they needed to switch off the service to give it a rest.

The article makes note that the service is in full-colour, something that would be a given today. However it's not really full colour, but limited to the teletext colour palette.

The whole language used is one of excitement and the innovative capabilities of this shiny new service, which "Immediacy is a major feature of... you get the information when you want it, not at pre-set times."