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Friday, 27 April 2007



A couple of articles relating to WebTV, a project set up in the mid-90s. Marketing wise, it failed quite miserably, even after Microsoft bought it out.

"From our latest research, both in the lab and at customers’ houses, we know people want. We focused on usability, content and need.
The results centre around 5 key areas:

1. Value for money

2. Choice

3. Control

4. Simplicity (UI)

5. Convergence (one device)"

The digital set top boxes of today are a product of this but are not the fully functioning Web television service that could potentially be accessed. Teletext was seen as an important aspect of this crossover, however the limitations of the medium meant it could never happen. Thus, the early noughties saw the Internet take over from Teletext due to its increasing speed and capability to broadcast moving image. It would not be until later, though that the Internet became powerful enough to actually broadcast live television. In fact some might say this has actually yet to be achieved until we are viewing HD television, ordering groceries, talking to friends and sending emails via one system.

For now, the Internet provides most, if not all of these but a similar, television broadcast based system has yet to be seen.