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Friday, 27 April 2007

Teletext - ITV Service

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Slightly confusingly, ITV's teletext service is called 'Teletext', though it was not the first teletext broadcast: this version started New Year's Day 1993, more than fifteen years after Ceefax began.

From my own experience, this service is more 'fun' than Ceefax, reflecting the brand values of the more modern independent channels it broadcasts on (ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5). This is reflected in the design of the pages, an example of which can be seen above right.

Incidentally, this seems to be from the opening day of broadcast. Characteristically, the service includes a lot more pixel art and little 'drawings' like the small horse rider in the shot to the left. There's less emphasis on clogging screens up with information as well.

In addition, Teletext being commercial, there is the capability to advertise. Colourfully painted adverts adorn the pages of the service. Though a little annoyingly placed on most pages, they are well presented (within the confines of the transmitter, at least). Whilst not exactly cutting edge, the graphics represent the early Internet and its text-heavy nature at the time. This screenshot is from 1995.

Finally, left is a technical page labelled only as a DBI status page. I am sure I will look into the technical side of the Teletext service in a coming post.

Teletext official site:

Interestingly, Teletext Holidays is one of the most popular services today's 'post-teletext' age. Perhaps this shows how much of a successful marketing tool Teletext proved. Also, potential customers have the option at their fingertips: they can order the holiday from their own home via Teletext using their telephone - a precursor to Internet communications and processes common today.