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Monday, 30 April 2007

Jenny Holzer - brief intro

Art at the Turn of the Millennium, Taschen
Holzer Wikipedia entry

A 'text artist', Holzer uses the structures of mass media to "smuggle messages into the public arena". Taking the form of pointed one liners projected onto such public spaces as the large screen in Times Square, New York, her work, according to the artist herself, revolves around 'Sex, death and war'.

It is these one-liners that interest me. Often they can be loaded with meaning, as the aforementioned artist quote hints at, such as in the Survival series (1983-1985). Quotes such as "Men Don't protect you anymore" and "Protect me from what I want" are often militant in approach and were splattered on billboards around the city.

Selections from Truisms, 1977 onwards