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Friday, 27 April 2007

Finalising the text document, narrowing the subject

Got the text document ready to be handed in on Thursday morning. Went through looking for formatting/spelling errors and got this printed off in readiness.

As for the project direction I have been having some thoughts. My research so far has been quite broad in its scope and I would like to either branch off or narrow something down which I can develop further for the rest of the semester and into third year.

Some possible areas to explore:
> How has teletext influenced the development of the Internet?
> In what ways has the medium of teletext contributed to the world of pixel art? (eg. Van der Heide)
> How have artists used teletext as a medium/subject to create art? (eg. Rick Moody)

I am sure I will continue to have ideas for this and note them here. Also I understand this comes into more prominence in the next part of the research project after Easter.