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Monday, 30 April 2007

Summer 2007 research project - plan

For the next few months, I will have plenty of time to add to this weblog as the main courses have now finished for the summer.

Plan for summer

1. Continue to work in weblog:
> Research artists that use the pixel graphic style/Teletext as a medium etc.
> Collect magazine cuttings, go to library, buy books, look for sources online etc.
> See what develops from these - record findings in this weblog.
> From these, narrow down what I would like to look at for the research project.

2. Presentation Considerations
> Proposed possible formats. Perhaps have one or two solid concepts for this by the time I return to Uni.
> Arrange some chapters and headings based on research. Even if I am not doing a dissertation it might be useful to get a clearer idea of organisation.

Hopefully I will be ready to start work in earnest when I get back for the start of third year. There will be an introductory lecture and I would like to be prepared to begin designing/writing/whatever.

Possible methods of presentation

> Installation with accompanying text piece.
> Blog and website - text elements in blog, design presentation within the website.

The second of these is looking favourite at the moment but I will continue to consider potentially more interesting methods of presentation as the research continues.

In addition, I will look to purchase an A5 (for portability reasons) sketchbook/notebook in which to record thoughts and to work things out.