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Friday, 27 April 2007

Project direction

At this point I felt it might be good to reassess where I am with regards to having a solid idea for a research project. I think that at the moment, the concept is developing quite well as I undertake more and more research into the subject. The jodi stuff really impressed me, as did Arcangel's work, although this is more of a video game pixel graphics thing. Perhaps it will transpire that I will look at different media that utilise this pixel graphic style:

> Teletext
> Video Games (8-bit)
> Early Internet and Internet Art

All of these would be constantly compared to Teletext and how they differ as mediums, including their strengths and weaknesses as methods of communication, in particular as artistic mediums. This has been explored in more detail in a previous post but I just wanted to reinforce and refresh what I propose to look into for this project. I actually already have something of a firm grounding with regards to initial research and could probably mock something up with regards to textual content.

Possible mediums

> A weblog - possible or will this be necessary as a 'side' thing?
> A dissertation - classic style. May be best for my writing style but will it really be as interesting?
> A website. Design aspects would be in the pixel graphic style. I like designing sites so this would be interesting.
> "Teletext cast" via the Internet. Research presented in teletext format. Would have to find out more about the possibilities of creating my own teletext pages. Problems - loading times etc. May not be too bad if this was a supplementary part of the project and the main bulk of the work was done in another medium.
> A video blog/podcast. Getting hands on and producing actual aural accounts of my findings, conversational style? More of a documentary/experiment like the MySpace idea?