Welcome, teletext fanatics! I'll just leave this here...

Wednesday, 14 November 2007


The obvious thing would be to produce an essay but that might not be that great. I think I could easily achieve a reasonable standard project but it would be a bit boring. I need to discuss with tutors what course of action I am going to take, however here are some proposed formats:
  • Documentary film bringing together all the material collected into some sort of interesting graphical piece using teletext imagery. This would be fun but I don't know if this is achievable in the four weeks.
    • A more watered down version might be a radio reading but I can't really see what this would bring to the piece seeing as teletext is largely silent and image-based.
  • Website. This would simply be a more organised form of the blog, formalising some of the text and splitting the content into pages. I would say this is achievable, with some effort.
  • If all else fails there is always the essay with associated imagery. I might have to resort to this if time is running low.
It might be good to first compile, select and write the actual text, though. This could then be reproduced in any number of formats.