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Monday, 26 November 2007

Various references

Whilst actually creating the text part of the dissertation I'm finding more specific and relevant information about the subjects I am researching.
  • Bob Bemer was an IBM employee who was involved in the creation of the ASCII character set in 1970. He proposed the curly and square brackets ([],{}) and the backslash (\).
    • Here he discusses his 'status' as 'Father of ASCII'.
    • And here he talks of the ASCII characters.
  • Scott Fahlman is the person first credited with specifying and using an emoticon.
  • A bit about the Jodi blogs and the source of the aforementioned Otowa ASCII game.
  • This is a screenshot from BBC Multiscreen, an interactive television service providing a number of news video streams.
  • A bit of info on the analogue switch off. I've probably posted this here before....
  • Here's a timeline of the evolution of British satellite television. Maybe an equivalent one for Teletext might be in order.
  • At the TV Ark, there's lots of screenshots from the history of BBC News 24.