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Tuesday, 15 January 2008

More teletext related stories - December/Jan

  • TVNZ Announces Captioning Milestone - in New Zealand, the subtitling of programmes has apparently reached over 200 hours per week. The use of Teletext as an accessibility tool is increasingly popular. This article was written this morning, actually.
Teletext To Sell Mobile Ads: TV information service Teletext has appointed mobile advertising agency 4th Screen Advertising to handle its mobile advertising sales. NMA reports that Teletext is also preparing to launch a new mobile site for its travel site Teletext Holidays. The revenue from its mobile ads will supplement its current mobile revenue stream from SMS alerts.
-- Mobile Content Bits, Moconews
  • Sysmedia have launched a new service that allows for subtitles to be recorded on video. Up until now you needed to have a specially built VCR to record subs but the Internet revolution had made it easier to provide captioning on programmes.
  • Irish media company RTE has received an award for its web-based mobile service which grabs content from its teletext service.