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Wednesday, 16 January 2008

ASCII Art - links

  • Canonical smileys list. Interesting how a combination of a few ascii characters can express an opinion or an emotion. Even though there are multiple meanings for each (for example, :-) can mean 'smiling' or 'user is an orator' amongst other things), there is a certain amount of shared knowledge amongst Internet users.
  • The Wikipedia Emoticons entry mentions that certain smileys have been copyrighted in Finland (!)
  • Japanese two byte emoticons are usually vertical rather than horizontal. For example "(;_ :)" means "feeling sad".
  • An article on the smiley's 25th birthday:"The critics of emoticons maintain that it has destroyed the fabric of proper writing, believing a functioning literary mind should be able to express emotion without the use of a direct symbol explaining to the reader exactly how he or she should feel. But to answer these critics, is it really that serious of a debate? A simple :-) here or a :-( there is a simple way to avoid an unintentional row, and that's something everyone can :-) about." -- ITPRO
  • A Tour of ASCII and ANSI art from the 80s and 90s.