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Sunday, 23 September 2007

Teletext service guide

See here for my previous comment on this.

Yesterday morning I received the Teletext service guide I emailed for. This time there were no problems sending the email, it would seem. Must have been my computer's Internet connection or something.

The booklet is not exactly as I had hoped: I had visions of a 1970s style black and white typically teletext look. Instead it's a not very nice purple reflective and creaky laminated print version of what could be found on Teletext anyway.

Oh well, I suppose you get what you pay for and in my case I suppose the student's TV license doesn't extend to ITV and its associated products...

It isn't all that bad though - there's some nice little bits that vaguely hark back to the traditional teletext aesthetic: contrasting colours and bits of typography, such as the 'selection' chevrons (left) which remind me of ASCII art and crummy MSN/MySpace avatars and aliases but also simple interfaces for tuning various attributes on the telly. I do get the feeling this is more for technophobes and/or OAPs though. That's what you get with commercialism, I suppose.