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Monday, 20 August 2007

Teletext free service guide

I spotted a note on ITV Teletext itself: an offer of a free guide. I sent a request email to them asking for one but the message failed to send, leading me to think that the service has been discontinued. I will look to follow this up, maybe writing to the address though I am not hopeful of getting a reply.

On a more positive note, I did find a guide from 1995:

Source, and a higher res version - mb21


gb said...

Hi Dan ~
The email address shown on that analogue page should work fine, but I have noticed that the postcode shown is incorrect - it should be "5TS" (*not "5TX").
A new service guide is in production and should be available within a few weeks.
If you have no luck getting in touch with Teletext through those contacts, just try dutyeditor@ and that should do the trick.

Dan Farrimond said...

Thanks, gb! I have re-sent the email to the address, this time with an internet based email account. Hopefully it will work this time. If not, I shall try the other contacts you mentioned.