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Monday, 3 December 2007

Breaking the barriers

Every so often the teletext coders became more adventurous and pushed the envelope with their designs.

This is weird, I don't know how they did it but somehow the page is flipped horizontally. I can't read the thing but it mentions smarty pants coders.

This is included for no other reason than I like it. It's very eighties/nineties but I do think it looks more attractive than anything on Ceefax now.

And finally a nice piece of text art from the coders. From 2000, when the BBC website was up and running.

Source: Teletext then and Now


Tarmo Tanilsoo said...

That flipped image is in reality just words typed in different order... Since all the characters still look unaffected, the order of them appears to be changed. For example it is like typing text "txet esrever si sihT"... Simple... B

Dan Farrimond said...

Ah yes, I see it now. Only the title is really 'flipped'. Still, I think it's pretty quirky... none of that dun stuff on teletext here any more :(