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Saturday, 30 June 2007

Book Review - Video Game Art, Nic Kelman


A couple of months ago I found this book was in the local library catalogue. So, I decided to loan it and see if there is anything worth taking into consideration for this project. Following is a brief overview of the book.

On the whole the book is quite disappointing, especially with regards to my project, devoting a whole four of its 350 pages to the development of video games pre-1993, the very era I would be looking to for inspiration and information regarding my project.

Nevertheless, it was a satisfactory lengthy essay on why video games could be considered 'art', concentrating on the development of characters, storylines and advanced CG graphics in modern video games. Some eye-catching images and demonstrations of the capabilities of video game graphics, in fact the book is very image-heavy. All very well and good for its target audience but not massively relevant to what I am looking into.

At the end of the book is a brief timeline of video game landmarks, with some references to three button controllers and simple dial interfaces maybe worth looking into and making parallels with remote control handsets. Also included is a two page spread explaining in simple terms the video game design process.

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